About The Archive

All the photographs on this site are immediately available from our partner agents listed on the contacts page or directly from our online digital archive. The archive contains all our latest available images, which are freely searchable and viewable by all visitors. Access to high-resolution images is reserved for qualified picture buyers only, who must register before downloading. A much wider selection is also available from the same sources: if you have a specific stock photography request please contact us or follow the agency links on the contacts page.

Analogue originals are scanned, colour managed and archived at 60 MB file size for 35 mm and larger for medium format; the technical quality exceeds that generally available elsewhere, and more than meets the requirements of most editorial, corporate and advertising uses. Digital originals are produced on the latest generation of professional cameras at a file size of 60 MB, the current industry standard for digital news, reportage, portraiture and documentary photography.

All our photographs are licensed on a rights-managed basis to professional buyers; we do not handle royalty-free material. In common with modern industry practice all our stock images are distributed in digital format; for your protection and ours we do not distribute valuable analogue originals.